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DEM 7283 - Splines and Generalized Additive Models

Applied statistics
Survey data
BRFSS data

In this example, we will describe how to use splines to model nonlinearities in predictor variables.

Mapping DHS Survey Estimates to ADM Level 2 Geographies

Spatial Analysis
Survey data
DHS data

In this brief example, I show how to use the GPS coordinates from the DHS data and merge them to the ADM2 subnational geographic level for the country of Ethopia.

Using IPUMS USA for Estimation of Population Characteristics in Various Geographic Areas

Spatial Analysis
Survey data
Census data

Using IPUMS USA data to produce survey-based estimates for geographic levels present in the IPUMS.

Using `tidyr` to reshape longitudinal data - a success story

This post shows how to use tidyr to reshape multiple variables at the same time.

Basic Classification Methods

Machine learning

An introduction to basic methods of classification and prediction.

Introduction to Cluster analysis

Machine Learning

A short introduction to various clustering methods.

Point Pattern Analysis using R and QGIS

Spatial Analysis

This example shows how to use R and QGIS from within R to perform a series of common point pattern analysis techniques.

Raster Analysis using R - Some social science applications

Spatial Analysis

Using R for some fundamental raster analyses.

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